The Essentials Program
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The Essentials Program is our most precise training

It will equip you with the knowledge and resources to pursue real estate development opportunities in any market. You can consistently earn six and seven figure profits by following this succinct process. Real estate professionals with decades of experience rarely understand the full range of what we cover. There are no other trainings out there like this!

Training Sessions

Over the course of seven training sessions, you'll learn the step by step process to identify, analyze and secure development opportunities to earn huge fees or profit. 

Session 1:

Select Market

This session will give you the necessary insight into market economics that underpin the need for new development.

Session 2:

Identify Site

This session will give you clarity on whether a site is worth pursuing for its development potential based on City plans.

Session 3:

Determine Potential

This session will provide you the means for interpreting the local zoning code to determine the highest and best use.

Session 4:

Formulate Project

The session will show you how to create simple sketches to propose a project based on development standards.

Session 5:

Calculate Value

This session will walk you through a basic Financial Model to establish a price that a development site can support.

Session 6:

Contact Owner

This session will show you how to contact the owner of a development opportunity to start a conversation.

Session 7:

Pitch Deal

This session will give clarity on the range of deal pitches to present to an owner with a Letter of Intent.

Critical Resources

#1: Financial Model

The program comes with an excel spreadsheet that will factor in the development standards of a proposed project, calculate the future value based on income potential or unit prices, estimate total costs of construction and find the residual value for the site in its current state or upon entitlement based on a calculated "yield on cost" compared to a market cap rate or profit margin. 

#2: Letter of Intent

The program also comes with a word document written up as an example Letter of Intent to a property owner to propose a deal structure that can work for all parties. This example will be reviewed during the training and explain key deal terms including price, deposits, timelines, preliminary due diligence, necessary contingencies and a path to ultimately close the deal.

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Bonus #1: Fundamentals Programs

As a bonus, you'll be granted access to the five part Fundamentals Program designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the business model for real estate development companies. It covers in extensive detail 1) Strategy, 2) Structuring, 3) Acquisitions, 4) Finance and 5) Development.

Bonus #2: Developer Community

You will also be granted access to a private Facebook Group that includes graduates of the Smart Growth Developer Academy. This resource is a great way to connect and collaborate with professionals pursuing real estate development projects.

Meet Your Professional Trainer

Hey! Chris Porto here. Founder of the Smart Growth Developer Academy. I'm super excited to be offering a full suite of training programs focused on developing real estate that can build massive wealth and create positive impact in society.

After doing numerous deals of various sizes and gaining as much knowledge I could from the industry at large, I finally got clear on how to capitalize on small scale commercial real estate development opportunities that would achieve my wealth and impact goals.

The following training programs are a culmination of everything that I have learned. They are designed to accelerate your efforts in contributing to the smart growth movement and getting rich in the process.   

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