Smart Growth Developer Academy Certification Program

The SGDA Certification Program has arrived. Take your career as a real estate developer to the next level with the support and accountability needed to succeed. This is your opportunity to work with me and your peers directly.

Learn How to Capitalize on Real Estate Development Opportunities!

Hey! Chris Porto here. Founder of the Smart Growth Developer Academy. I'm super excited to be sharing this comprehensive training program in developing real estate that has a massive impact on your net worth and society as a whole.

When I got into real estate four years ago, I knew that I wanted my efforts to result in both increased personal freedom and sustainability of our collective future. The trouble was that I didn't quite know how to achieve this.

You see the real estate education that I received really only taught me how to take advantage of distressed opportunities like flipping single family residential property. So, it was on me to learn how to create more significant value in commercial real estate development.

After doing numerous deals of various sizes and gaining as much knowledge I could from the industry at large, I finally got clear on how to capitalize on small scale development opportunities that would achieve my wealth and impact goals.

This training is a culmination of everything that I have learned to accelerate your efforts in contributing to the smart growth movement and get rich in the process.   




Become a Certified Smart Growth Developer for $5000

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I. Private Coaching

3 one on one bi monthly virtual coaching sessions

Coaching 1

Preliminary assessments of your current status and plan for development

Coaching 2

Mid point check-in and feedback on progress

Coaching 3

Final review and plan for the future  

II. Round Tables

3 in person day long Saturday sessions

Morning Session

Will include in depth practise with the Development Model

Afternoon Session

Onsite tours of local development project, as well  as guest speakers

Breakout Groups

Fostering community, network building and collaboration 

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III. Group Coaching

6 virtual group coaching sessions monthly Wednesdays at noon.

These helpful sessions are question and answer times, as well as opportunities for valuable group discussions with real time white boarding and screen sharing

IV. Knowledge Assessments and Capstone Project


Tests your understanding about each step in the development process


Run a complete analysis of a potential real estate project



Program Timeline and Dates

Group Coaching 1/8 at noon
Private Coaching Throughout the month
Round Table 1/25 all day Saturday
Group Coaching 2/5 at noon
Group Coaching 3/11 at noon
Private Coaching Throughout the month
Round Table 3/28 all day Saturday
Group Coaching 4/8 at noon
Group Coaching 5/6 at noon
Private Coaching Throughout the month
Round Table 5/1 all day Saturday
Group Coaching 7/11at noon
Capstone Submission Through out the Program

"I was able to go through and complete the Smart Growth Developer Academy signature training. Using what I learned from the program, I was able to complete my first entitlement flip opportunity for a $600k profit! This program has allowed me to open my eyes to the world of opportunities and I'm excited to further my growth and career as an up and coming Real Estate Developer!"

Jimmy Tu
Real Estate Investor

Smart Growth Value... Guaranteed!

This program provides a one of a kind experience with valuable real time one on one coaching, wealth advisory, live seminars and discussions with peers to support you in realizing your real estate dreams. If you aren't satisfied with your experience after the first two sessions, I will refund your money back no questions asked. Here's my assessment of the value that you will get out of this...

*3 hours of coaching worth ($1,500 value)

*24 hours of interactive workshops and discussions ($4,500 value)

*6 hours of group coaching ($1,000 value)

*Assessments and capstone ($3,000 value)

*Lifetime Certification ($5,000 value)

*Affiliate Membership ($500 per referral, assuming 5 people= $2,500 cash back)


When you combine all the various features listed above, this  certification has a value of $17,500. This program will set you up to succeed and see returns.


Join this 6 month Certification program to start your career as a real estate developer. Click on the link below to get started today!


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