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Hey! Chris Porto here. Founder of the Smart Growth Developer Academy. I'm super excited to be offering a full suite of training programs focused on developing real estate that can build massive wealth and create positive impact in society.

After doing numerous deals of various sizes and gaining as much knowledge I could from the industry at large, I finally got clear on how to capitalize on small scale commercial real estate development opportunities that would achieve my wealth and impact goals.

The following training programs are a culmination of everything that I have learned. They are designed to accelerate your efforts in contributing to the smart growth movement and getting rich in the process.   

Our Training Programs

Crash Course


Exclusive features

  • Focused on executing the business model for real estate development companies
  • Five part series with 15+ minute presentations on each element of the business model
  • Professionally edited video with integrated powerpoint slide deck 

Fundamentals Program


Exclusive features

  • Focused on executing the business model for real estate development companies
  • Five part series with 60+ minute presentations on each element of the business model
  • Professionally edited video with integrated powerpoint slide deck available for download
  • MP3 recordings and transcripts for note taking

Essentials Program


Exclusive features

  • Our most precise training focused on the essential process for sourcing, analyzing and securing real estate development opportunities in your market
  • Seven sessions with 60+ minute powerpoint presentations on each step in the process
  • Financial model to analyze and Letter of Intent to secure development opportunities in contract to profit
  • Fundamentals Program also included

Signature Program


Exclusive features

  • Our most comprehensive training program focused on all aspects of real estate development entrepreneurship
  • Eight Core Modules on the real estate development process with detailed powerpoint presentations
  • Six Core Systems with step by step guides on executing in each area of the development process
  • Comprehensive financial model for all types of deals, marketing campaigns to find opportunities and legal contracts to structure deals
  • Panel discussions with development team, case studies on small scale development deals and variety of supplemental trainings
  • Fundamentals and Essentials Program also included

Certification Program


Exclusive features

  • Professional certification as a Smart Growth developer
  • Private coaching sessions with Chris Porto throughout the program
  • Group coaching sessions and Roundtables with cohort throughout the program
  • Capstone project to analyze a development site and run financial model to determine price to offer
  • Knowledge assessments to confirm understanding of all aspects of real estate development entrepreneurship
  • Signature, Essentials and Fundamentals Programs included

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Let's talk about what you need to learn next on your real estate development and investment journey. Our training programs go in depth about every aspect to succeeding in this business. There's always an area that needs improvement depending on your career path. We've got you covered!


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Graduate Testimonials

“I was able to go through and complete the Signature Program of the Smart Growth Developer Academy. Using what I learned from the program, I was able to complete my first entitlement flip opportunity for a $600k profit! This program has allowed me to open my eyes to the world of opportunities and I'm excited to further my growth and career as an up and coming Real Estate Developer!"

Jimmy Tu, Real Estate Investor, JC Bayview Investments, San Francisco, CA

"I joined the Smart Growth Developer Academy in the early stages of a land acquisition, and was able to immediately implement some of the strategies regarding how to creatively structure the capital stack (by immediately, I mean this was one of the first videos I saw in the program). To say I found value in Chris's content would be a huge understatement … fast forward 16 months, we were able to create almost $1M in value and return 61% to our investors. Needless to say, I look forward to more development opportunities under the tutelage of the Developer Academy.

Carlos Cardenas, Principal and Managing Partner, White Tiger Capital, Austin TX

I met Chris when I first started as an entrepreneur in real estate investing. His unique strategy, creative thinking, attention to detail, and impressive track record resonated with me. Shortly after, I joined the Smart Growth Developer Academy because I thought Chris had a lot of knowledge to offer about real estate investing in general and I wanted to learn more about development. Both the Developer Academy and the workshops have been very useful in giving me a solid foundation to pursue small scale development projects. I gained the confidence to pursue a project and take it all the way from acquisition to selling or holding long term.  I highly recommend Chris’s programs to anyone that is interested in getting started with development or wants to learn how to make a bigger impact in the world.

Jason Lefley,Real Estate Investor, Twin Leaf Properties, Berkeley, CA

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Listen to the Smart Growth Developer Spotlight episodes where Chris Porto interviews leading real estate developers from across the country about their journey. 

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